Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dec. 11th

4 Seasons
*Internet Resources - Starfall.com (Online activities); Kinderart.com (can make wreaths);
Ben and Jerry's.com (Interactive snowmen) -different interactive activities online for each
Social Skills (Focus students with severe mental retardation)
*Modelmekids.com - provides materials for social skills
Exploring Availiable Resources for Parents of Students with Special Needs
(Morgan Center)
*Focus is on Home/School /Community Collaboration
*For parents to be better informed about how they can address their child's needs
*Tools students will use to reach objectives
- Graphic Organizers
- Books (any books related to bats)
- Internet
- Word Processing Program
- Movies
*Reference Materials
- batquest - website
- Living Culture
- Academic language (using language as if students don't have disabilities)
Sharon this was a great class! I learned a lot this semester and I will take everything I learned and implement this into my future teaching practices.

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